5 Signs You Are Not In A Serious Relationship

We’ve all been in a casual relationship at some point in our lives. There’s no shame in it. The complications arrive when you do consider yourself to be in a serious relationship, but you’re actually not. Here are the red flags you should look for when in doubt.

1. They don’t treat you as a priority

You cannot expect your partner to always drop everything in order to be with you. But if they never do, if you feel that they are with you only when there’s nothing better to do, than it means they are not involved in the relationship.

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2. They don’t seem to be interested in knowing you

If you are together for a while now, but they still don’t know anything about you, it means they are not that interested. When you are truly involved, you want to know your partner’s story, their fears and dreams. Otherwise, that’s just entertainment.

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3. They often cancel your plans

Often canceling your plans at the last minute means that they consider their time to be more precious than yours. Especially if they don’t apologize and don’t reschedule.

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4. They are not there for you

Not giving you support in your time of need is maybe the most important sign that your partner does not take the relationship seriously.

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5. They don’t introduce you to their friends and family

If you have been involved with this person for a while now but you haven’t met any of their friends, it means they know the relationship is not going to last and that there’s no point in introducing you to their social circle.

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