10 Reasons Why Pisces Will Be The Supreme Lover In 2017


Pisces’ 2017 love horoscope shows that your romantic life will be all over the place this year. You are more likely to be emotional this year, or show your true emotions to new people.

Pisces solar map suggest that if you are already in a relationship then it may be time to shake things up. Think about new activities with your partner to keep the romance alive. Take a trip or invite him or her to a reggae concert. Your sexual life will also be exciting. Make sure that you don’t waste your sometimes-overwhelming Pisces sexual energy.

This also may be a year of hot sex! Jupiter will be in your sex house till October. Single Pisces may attract someone in who is adventurous, out-going and has their own kind of irresistible sexiness happening. It seems that this year you have plenty of time to explore passion and anything else that this cycle is associated with.

Now let’s see which will be your loving surprises this year:

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