Watch this actor doing tongue twister in 7 languages in less than a minute


According to the dictionary diction represents the degree of clarity and distinctness of pronunciation in speech. When you speak clearly the sound of your voice is improved, giving you a more successful vocal image. Speaking with confidence and credibility you make a lasting and positive impression.

Diction is all about choosing the right words in a speech. A good public speaker should choose the words in an accurate, appropriate and understandable manner, in order to better convey the meaning of a speech. Nothing will confuse an audience more than using words that don’t make sense, don’t fit, or cannot be decoded.

So, yes diction is very important because knowing what to say is always important, no mater if you are on a stage or at your ordinary job. For example in the business world, you have to know the nuances of how to treat people with respect while commanding respect at the same time. You have to know when to make things slightly less formal to cause proximity to others without making them feel offended or taking the risk of others finding you impolite.

Aurelian Ciocan is an actor and speech therapist, the only extra-specialized diction trainer of Romania and Republic of Moldova, that has university education in the area of diction, speech therapy, drama, communication and psychology. He is a diction trainer and voice coach for news anchors, reporters and voice editors of the largest media outlets in Romania and Republic of Moldova.

7 Language Tongue Twister

Dicție în 7 limbi

Posted by Proful de dictie on Tuesday, November 26, 2019