10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

Everybody loves Leonardo DiCaprio. And now that he finally won an Oscar, we can even admit it publicly. What you might know is that he had quite a life when not dating models and living the high life.


Here are some less known facts about him.

  1. He was fired from this first job as a TV actor, because he caused too much trouble on the set.
  2. He was not the studio’s first choice in playing Jack in Titanic. They preferred Matthew McConaughey, but the director fought for him to play the role.
  3. A library is built on the spot where his childhood home was and he donated computers and equipment for it.
  4. While being in South Africa for the filming of Blood Diamond he befriended a baby girl, to whom he sends a check and calls regularly.
  5. After the success of Romeo+Juliet, DiCaprio was hunted by some teenage girls through the Louvre Museum.

6. He plans to take a trip to space; a Russian millionaire paid a lot of money to go on the same trip.

7. While being in Russia for a summit for the conservation of tigers, Putin described DiCaprio as being “a real man”

8. He is an environment activist, founder of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation which approaches issues such as global warming, preserving the biodiversity and renewable energy.

9. During a party, he was hit in the head with a broken bottle by the model Aretha Wilson.

10. Even though he is a vegetarian, during the filming of The Revenant, he took a bite of a raw bison’s liver.

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