10 Truths About Aquarius


Aquarius are the childlike dreamers who just want to enjoy every moment and every story. If you’re lucky enough to have an Aquarius by your side don’t forget they like to be stimulated intellectually.

In relationships, Aquarians greatly appreciate honesty and openness. They are very straightforward themselves and they cannot hide their feelings. They are very unique creatures and they bring out the joy in every situation. Generally, Aquarians do not like to judge others and they are very wise.

Many people born under this zodiac sign have old souls, but they are also very extroverted and popular among their groups.

However, they can also be very eccentric and sometimes a little stubborn. They do not like being told what to do and their biggest turn off is feeling they’re being lied. So under no circumstances lie or cheat on an Aquarius!

If you want to attract them, simply be yourself. Their favorite people are authentic ones, people who act in genuine ways. They also love it when people do small things for them. If want them to fall in love with you, the surest way is to simply ask them about their day, give them your free time, make sure that you plan to see them and integrate them into even your routine activities like grocery shopping. An Aquarius simply wants to feel you appreciate their company, and they don’t like anything too intense. So attract them lightly and in simplistic ways.

The ideal date for an Aquarius is someone who is both social and stimulating.

A concert would be an amazing mix of those two aspects, and it will also appeal to the Aquarian obsession with live music. Bring your Aquarian to a little jazz club, or out to a bar where one of their favorite bands is playing. They will be in heaven, and they will also love that they get to share those moments with you.

People born under Aquarius are very fun between the sheets.

But first, you have to win them over. An Aquarius will never give himself completely unless he thinks you are worthy of their appreciation. They generally have very high standards, but the experience of being in a relationship with an Aquarius is totally worth it!

Aquarius have A LOT of friends. They love networking and being in contact with other people. Though they do often seem aloof, they are deeply loyal and compassionate friends. They will always notice when someone they care about is struggling, and they will go out of their way to support that person. When mad, an Aquarius will often just stop talking to the person who angered them. They will get into their car, or lock themselves away in their room with their favorite music to cool off and feel better.

When they are at their best, Aquarius people have the capacity to change the world due to their amazing strength and energy.

They will always go after what they want and take chances.

They are intelligent, goofy as well as extremely charming and lovable. Many Aquarians are unconventional and have somewhat odd jobs. Aquarians absolutely hate corporate environments, and they need freedom in their job in order to bring a fresh perspective to the table each week. An Aquarius would make an amazing inventor and a kick-ass musician.

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