The 3 Biggest Regrets People Have Before They Die

Bronnie Ware, an Australian nurse and counselor, took care of terminally ill patients for many years. These people were facing death right before their eyes and were obviously tormented by regrets. As part of therapy, she asked them about their biggest regrets and what they would have done differently if they could.

Most people don’t realize that being healthy means being free. That’s the freedom that we should all cherish the most but sadly we take it for granted. The moment we no longer have our good health, we acknowledge we’ve wasted such a long time feeling miserable with now insignificant matters.

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Bonnie Ware noticed a couple of regrets that stood out and that everybody shared. In the hope of helping you realize what’s really important in life, here are the 3 biggest regrets people have before they die:

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1. I regret not following my dreams and aspirations

A recurring regret was not being able to pursue dreams and aspirations due to family or society requirements. Doing what was expected of you rather than what you always wanted to do. Time is our enemy and, before we know it, we end up on a hospital bed. We always say that we’ll start doing what we truly love later in life but life has a way of dispersing right before our eyes. So we wind up never fulfilling our most ardent dreams.

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2. I regret working so hard

Working hard is time away from the loved ones. Not spending time with children and family because of work is one of the biggest regrets that every single dying person shared.

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3. I regret losing touch with my friends

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Not investing time and effort in maintaining friendships, that’s another big regret people had. Those beautiful relationships that slowly faded with years and that they couldn’t find the time to restore them. Everyone misses their friends when they’re dying. Being busy should not make us forget about people who make us laugh.

Hope you learnt something from this so you never have any regrets when you die! Please share this, people need to know!