3 Hard Truths About Relationships

If you want your relationship to stand the test of time, you need to acknowledge these tough truths. We seldom fantasize about what love should be, partly because of our undying belief in happy endings, the result of our long-term relationship with the big screen.

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The Telegraph asked Kate Figs, author of ‘Couples: How We Make Love Last’ and ‘Our Cheating Hearts: Love and Loyalty, Lust and Lies’, to highlight some myths about relationships which prevent couples to have healthy and long-lasting relationships.

1.There is no such thing as a soulmate

Many people out there are still unhappy waiting for The Right One to make the scene. They might even throw away the right partner just because they were not perfect for each other. True love is about learning from one another, about embracing your differences and enjoying what the other has to offer. Not trying to change them in order to match your idea of love.

2. You will make mistakes

The biggest mistake people make is to expect someone to be their everything or the cure for all their problems. People make mistakes, especially in relationships, it’s human nature. Forgiving is the only path towards a healthy bond and practicing it from the get-go makes it easier to overcome future hardship.

3. Talk openly and ask why

Lack of communication must be the number 1 reason for why relationships fail. Casting blame, ridiculing or humiliating each other make any relationship melt away sooner or later. That’s why talking openly and asking Why and How are things upsetting, irritating and hurting you, is the only answer to having a long and healthy relationship.

Stop believing in relationship myths movies taught us. Accept these truths and you’re one step away from having a successful and lasting relationship!