3 Reasons Why Being With Someone Who Loves To Read Is A Blessing

A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend who reads is better. If you are lucky enough to have somebody who reads loving you, you’re in for a treat.


There’s nothing like reading, especially reading fiction. Passionate readers inhabit other worlds and other souls.  Which in turn makes them better lovers.

1. They will seduce with witty conversations

Because they digested a rich diversity of ideas, perspectives and emotions, they are very skilled in the art of conversation. They know how to listen and when they talk, they enchant you with new and interesting ideas.

2. They will look into your soul and love every single part of you

Because reading is empathy building, readers learn what being somebody else feels like. Being able to connect emotionally with different characters, nothing that you will tell them about yourself will make them back away. They will understand and accept you as you are. There’s no need in pretending to be somebody else with these people. They may not agree with all the time, but they will surely make an effort to see things from your perspective.

3. They will enrich your world

Reading increases vocabulary and memory skills and builds the ability to spot patterns. When they share with you what they’ve read, they share pictures of worlds you’ve never seen before. You get to live a thousand lives through what they’ve imagined and felt. And the mixture between intelligence and empathy makes them wise. They will not spit information at you, but they will give you the best advice and make you feel at ease with everything that happens in your life.

A reader is an explorer and a builder of bridges. They will take you along with them to visit imaginary worlds that will inspire you. But best of all, they will love like you’ve never been loved before. Intensely, truly and wisely. Please share this!