3 Signs It’s Time To Walk Away

It happens to each and every one of us. We find ourselves puzzled when we realize we’re in what is called a toxic relationship. Numerous actions, words, attitudes, and behaviors fall within the framework of an unhealthy relationship. But there are some not so obvious habits that are completely poisonous and that will erode the actual foundation of the relationship.

Being unaware of what harms a relationship to the point of no return is an actual problem for many couples.

They say love is blind for a reason. It actually is. Guarded in our little love vault, things can take a turn for the worse without so much as a shiver. It can be really tough to accept that your relationship with your partner and all you have built together is falling apart. And that is why most people avoid dealing with the major issues and let them fester until it’s too late.

But you must acknowledge the toxicity that seeped its way into your relationship and put an end to it. For feeding a toxic relationship now will translate into years of unhappiness and regret in the future.

There are many obvious things that should make you walk away immediately. Like domestic violence, pathological lying, emotional manipulation or addiction. But what about those undetected behaviors that are slowly destroying your relationship? Take a look at three major signs when it’s safe to walk away.

1.Possessiveness and controlling behavior

Jealousy is the engine which can maintain or break a relationship. A dash of jealousy doesn’t hurt anyone but taken to its extreme can prove devastating for the relationship. It grows into possessiveness and controlling behavior, meaning that one of the partners becomes more or less the other one’s property. Everything they do outside the relationship is under control and often enough frowned upon. People who have a possessive partner end up shunning their friends, alienate themselves from their family and ignore their own personal needs and desires.

Even if it seems like they are being possessive because they care and love you too much, inch by inch they’ll consume your individuality and you’ll lose sight of your own person. You become nothing else than an extension of your partner, exhibiting a submissive behavior, following orders almost like a servant obeying its master.

2. Unforgiving and casting blame

If they make you feel like you are at fault for everything that is going wrong in your relationship or give you the shadowy impression that is you who are responsible for the things that aren’t going right, then it’s surely time to walk away.

You cannot continue living your life overshadowed by accusations, censure or the feeling of guilt, they will eat you from the inside.  No one should make you feel guilty for what you think, feel or want. Let alone being unforgiving and incapable of getting over the mistakes you’ve made. Nobody’s perfect.

3. Acting like a spoiled brat on holiday

If your attempt to travel was nothing more than a holiday hazard and if this happens every time you go on a vacation, that might be a moment to evaluate your future relationship. Acting like a spoiled brat making everything seem effortful and burdensome is only taking the joy of traveling out of the equation and into a whole other dimension. One that resembles a holiday nightmare.

Instead of having fun and spend a beautiful vacation together, it actually translates into a living hell. What does that say about your future together? How can you build a life with someone who makes your trip miserable, who always put their needs and wishes first, who displays discontent at all times and acts worse than a spoiled brat exactly the moment you should be having the best time of your life? What does that say about them as human beings?

If they’re a traveling Godzilla, you should walk away fast!