3 Simple Ways To Get Your Brain In Shape

Learning is a never-ending process. Whether it’s a new language or a new recipe for lasagna, we constantly keep learning throughout our lifetime. To keep the brain in shape, we must stay on the learning path. Though they may seem facile, in reality, there are ways to make our brain not only stay healthy but get smarter.

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Take a look at 3 simple ways to train your brain to get smarter:

1. Surround yourself with intelligent people

According to a recent study, you represent the average of 5 people you surround yourself with. Staying among bright, open and creative people will most definitely enlist you in the smart circle where engaging in meaningful conversations on a variety of topics will continuously develop your intelligence.

Clever people get together because their way of thinking is similar and can discuss all sorts of things on a deeper level.

2. Just read

No matter how late, Bill Gates reads before going to sleep. Most people believe that reading is actually a large part of their daily routine. Scanning their news feed regularly and reading loads of articles, status posts or messages and e-mails. Hence, many think it’s the brainy activity they do most throughout the day. Only that reading your news feed is not really reading but merely a lot of information trying to make its way into your memory, often times completely useless.

Reading an actual book, that has a storyline or features introspection, a novel or a history book will improve your vocabulary, develop your communication skills and broaden your analytical abilities.

3. Eat brain food

Eating healthy is extremely important for both our mind and body. There are some specific foods which can boost your brain. Walnuts, berries, fish. Fish contains rich acids which were proven to help neurons function.

So you’d better eat fish at least once a week!

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