3 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Stuck In Life

What if you have no idea what your next step is? What if you no longer have a direction in life and you simply don’t know what to do with yourself? The freedom you possess almost frightens you, the infinite possibilities awaiting give you the feeling of overwhelming dismay, since as long as you can’t reach them all you might as well not even try.

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Feeling stuck, lost, hazy, numb, forsaken makes everyday life merely a dreaded passage. As we count the days that pass by painfully without even a slight change in our existence… empty days, empty soul, empty presence in this universe. How to revive the spirit, how to see the beauty again in our humble reality, how to get our mojo back?

As life changes, so can you. Your mindset isn’t set in stone, it’s just flawed. You’re not stuck with the way things are, you have the power to move forward.

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1. It’s just a feeling, not a fact

Feeling like life is pointless, losing touch not only with your inner self but with the outside world, leads you to believe that you’re stuck in a rut with no way out whatsoever. This frame of mind doesn’t have to define your life. You rule, you’re the only one who can take control of his own life. Our prime instinct is to cast blame or to point fingers, to look for answers outside of ourselves.

But the answers reside within. We should check our state of mind, see what we’re feeling, what we’re thinking and how we plan to react. We must pinpoint, understand and accept our feelings. Only we possess the power to decide how outer things may affect us. You cannot control what’s outside of you but you can change your perception of it. Your life is your responsibility. And the moment you change the way you look at things, things do change naturally.

2. A clean sweep of the past

To have one foot in the past while trying to make new footsteps in the present is like swimming against the tide. Looking ahead, towards breakthrough is the healthy approach to change. The many loud thoughts camping restlessly in your head must be burnt and buried along with yesterday.

How to do that? Become aware of how much energy you put in past things, something that withholds you from a new beginning. Learn how to let go of those things that haunt you, make peace with regrets, tarnish yesterday’s frustrations, be the persistent enemy of your old pain. What’s the thing you want to let go of today? Just do it!

3. Don’t let yourself derail from your newly crafted path

Nobody said it’s going to be easy. It’s darn hard to stick to your guns when change doesn’t happen overnight. There will be many dark nights and a bundle of dark thoughts meant to knock you down. But you have to remember that in order for something to become good it must first be bad.

The number of times you’ll want to give up will probably be astronomical, but you must keep your feet on the ground and remember that it will be all worth it in the end.

Stay strong and become the change you always wished! Pass it on!