4 Signs You Are Spiritually Connected To Someone

Couples who are spiritually connected share more than just interests and dislikes, they have a relationship built on mutual respect, gratitude, intimacy, honesty, and unconditional love. They have a bond that cannot be translated into words but mostly can be felt deep within, a true fondness of each other’s souls.

The spiritual connection goes beyond the superficial and earthly matters, it’s a profound closeness that makes both partners wanting to share everything with each other.

Stuck in the vortex of life, long-term couples might lose that deep connection down the road. Take a look at four easy ways to recreate that special bond with your partner.

1. Make eye contact

It’s unfortunate to see so many couples who sit at the same table and not make eye contact, but rather stay glued to their phones. Eye contact is of paramount importance, it doesn’t only show the other person you are interested in what they’re saying and engage in the conversation, but it’s no wonder the eyes are regarded as the gates to the soul. It is said that you can actually see another person’s soul through their eyes.

2. Touch more

Touching is so intimate and can really create that authentic connection, no words needed. The energy released through physical touch can help create a deep closeness to your partner, it’s comforting and calming and definitely can express much more than words can.

3. Have meaningful conversations

Talk about everything that goes through your mind, try to elaborate even the insignificant topics because by listening to one another and truly engaging in the conversation, you allow yourselves to share many parts of you. Maybe you had a revelation you might want to talk about. Make time for regular conversations towards deeper and more emotional talks.

4. Make time for each other

You’ve probably heard this time and time before, but spending time together can actually bring you closer together, on a deeper level. The two of you hugging and watching a movie together is.