There Are 4 Types Of Facebook Users. Which One Are You?

Many of us turn to Facebook these days, whether it’s for news, entertainment or keeping in touch with our friends and family. The giant social network has taken over our lives, as well as smartphones, at a very fast pace. Some of us are as dedicated to it as they were the first time they interacted with it, others maybe decided to try something else.

But what’s clear is that Facebook remains the primary choice when we’re talking social media. Our experience with the platform is multifaceted because we as human beings are very diverse. So it’s only natural we’ll engage as users depending on our own wants and needs.

In fact, the results of a new study reflect this idea. The research involved 47 Americans aged 18 to 32 who had to respond to a list of 48 statements. Here are the 4 types of users as indicated by this survey:

1. Relationship builders

These are the people who are using Facebook mostly to connect with their family and friends. The results revealed that people in this category care about expressing their love for their closest ones. They are also the most likely to engage in conversations, but also to post things or view pictures and videos regularly.

2. Window shoppers

This is exactly what the title says. They accept Facebook as part of their lives, but they almost never share personal information, photos, or update their status. Also, they prefer not to engage in commenting or liking what their peers are posting. These are those individuals who would rather live their life outside social media.

3. Town criers

Unlike relationship builders, the town criers keep their virtual life very different from the real one. These are usually people who are very devoted to some causes, the activists, the journalists or even the SJWs (Social Justice Warriors). It’s very unlikely for them to share private details of their lives.

4. Selfies

We’re all familiar with this category. These are the users who have the most things in common with the relationship builders. Only that they do it to draw the attention to themselves. One of the advantages of online interaction on social media is that people can create a better version of themselves.

So which one are you? Please share this!