5 Clues Your Summer Fling Might Turn Into Something More

Oh, summer love, when the living is easy and the hopes are high. There’s nothing like it. But if you worry that you might catch real feelings, that you want more than a fling, then you might be in trouble. If you don’t want to check out of the relationship at the first sign of the fall, here’s what you should look for to see if you are on the same page.


1. You know how to call each other

Labels are the worst, especially when it comes to relationships. Except when you’re losing sleep over your relationship status. If one of you had the courage to have “the talk” or they introduced you to their friends and family as their partner, then you can relax and enjoy the fun. It’s going somewhere.

2. You pretty much know every important person in their lives

Speaking of friends and family, if you felt the need to introduce them to your best friend, if you already have met his mother or they are making plans with your friends, then you are dating for good.

3. Your plans are not confined to the present

And speaking of future plans, if they already invited you to their birthday party that will take place months from now, if they want you to visit some amazing place that you are going to love for sure, then you are in a relationship.

4. You’re there for each other, even if it’s not about the fun

Unfortunately for our hopes about the easy living that summer implies, real life may not give us a break. If you get involved in each other’s lives, if you help and support one another with grown up problems, you are in for the long haul.

5.  You cannot hold your tongue

You might be smart enough to not have expectations from a relationship that started during a beach party, but your heart may not be as clever. So pay attention to what their heart has to say in spite of the coolness they exude. Strong feelings have a difficult time keeping themselves private.

Maybe the doubts and fears you have now will be a funny story you’ll tell your grandchildren years from now. Share this!