5 Habits Of Emotionally Intelligent People – How Many Do You Have?

Emotional intelligence is gaining momentum. It is that skill that has been discarded for a very long time. It is also the skill we may need to further develop so that we can survive as a species. Emotional awareness is something that kids should learn about in school, from an early age. Imagine growing up and turning into mentally and emotionally healthy adults.

So why is emotional intelligence paramount for us? First of all, it can shape our thoughts and then our actions. We can turn our lives around simply by learning to manage better our emotions and to identify and understand the emotions of others. Here are 5 habits of emotionally intelligent people that help them advance their life in every aspect:

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1. They practice empathy

It cannot be stressed how important this is for our well-being and the well-being of our loved ones. It is empathy that allows us to connect with others and understand their feelings. It is empathy that helps us befriend strangers and identify emotions that perhaps they are not even aware of. Empathy goes hand in hand with honesty and altruism. Once we live truly, we will free ourselves from judging (others and ourselves).

2. They are self-aware

This makes it easier for them to constantly regulate their emotions. If we keep our inner world balanced, we will see the positive effects on our outward universe right away. But self-awareness certainly doesn’t come over night. It’s often a long and strenuous process that demands our presence and our constant attention.

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3. They allow themselves to go through their emotions

Emotionally intelligent people excel at one thing (among others): they don’t sweep their emotions under the rug, especially the negative ones. They are mature enough to deal with them in a very straightforward manner. They accept the natural flow of their emotions and don’t let themselves carried away by one in particular.

4. They accept their vulnerability

These people treat their vulnerability just like every other aspect of themselves. Moreover, they cherish it for the value it gives their life and their connections with others. They acknowledge that being vulnerable will create they intimacy and the understanding that they crave for.

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5. They practice self-compassion and compassion towards others

Self-love is not easy to achieve. Emotionally intelligent people will strive to undo some of toxic habits perhaps passed on from their parents or society in general. They recognize that self-compassion will help them lead the life they envision. This habit will then slowly extend to those around them.

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