5 Movies Directed By Women That You Won’t Regret Watching

Women not only star in movies and expose their expensive dresses on the red carpet. They also direct movies. Here are 5 of them that you won’t regret watching.

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1. Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola, 2003)

A faded movie star and a neglected young woman form an unlikely bond after crossing paths in Tokyo.

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2. Me and You and Everyone We Know (Miranda July, 2005)

A lonely shoe salesman and an eccentric performance artist struggle to connect in this unique take on contemporary life.

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3. Orlando (Sally Potter, 1992)

Young nobleman Orlando is commanded by Queen Elizabeth I to stay forever young. Miraculously, he does just that. The film follows him as he moves through several centuries of British history, experiencing a variety of lives and relationships along the way, and even changing sex.

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4. Across the Universe ( Julie Taymor, 2007)

The music of The Beatles and the Vietnam War form the backdrop for the romance between an upper-class American girl and a poor Liverpudlian artist.

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5. The Piano ( Jane Campion, 1993)

A mute woman is sent to 1850s New Zealand along with her young daughter and prized piano for an arranged marriage to a wealthy landowner, but is soon lusted after by a local worker on the plantation.

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