5 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight

The reason you’re gaining extra weight might have nothing to do with what you eat. Take a look at the following things and you may find an answer as to why you’ve put some extra pounds lately.

1. Life changes

Things change, whether it’s your job, your relationship status, or your children going off to college, all these life shifts may affect your eating habits. Stress and anxiety come along even when you’re experiencing positive change in your life. Indulging in comfort food is not the best way to manage your stress. Try therapy.

2. Not enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep can have a major impact on your weight. When you don’t sleep enough, you begin to make bad decisions regarding food. You choose more fatty, starchy foods, packed with calories. Here are some tips on how to get a good night’s sleep to stay healthy and fit. 

3. Deal with your age

As we get older, our metabolism slows down. So we need to exercise regularly to keep our weight in check. Exercise in combination with a low-calorie intake is probably the best way to maintain your weight.

4. Losing muscle

After the age of 30, our muscles begin to lose strength so it’s mandatory to engage in strength training.

5. Dieting hazard

Most dieting plans are really rigorous. So much so they can disrupt your eating habits to gain even more weight. All diets are associated with putting extra pounds after going off the diet. The safest and easiest way to keep your weight in check is to notice when you’re hungry or full and make good decisions. Choose healthy foods and don’t forget about the calories in drinks.