5 Things Guaranteed To Insult Your Partner

When we are in close relationship and spend a lot of time together with our partner, we do and say things that are disrespectful without even realizing.

1. You make decisions without consulting them

Making decisions without consulting them, especially when the decisions affect them directly is a sign of disrespect.

2. You act as if you knew better

Giving somebody your opinion or your advice without being asked it’s terribly frustrating. Remember that old lady that insisted that you should put more clothes on, even though it was in the middle of summer? Now imagine that she is your partner.

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3. You coddle them

You are not your partner’s parent. They are not your baby. Don’t act and don’t talk to them as if they were.

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4. You don’t let them learn on their own

Speaking of babies, if your partner decides to learn something new, let them. If it’s something that you are good at and they ask for your help, teach them. And then step away. If it’s something that has nothing to do with you, just step away.

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5. You scold them in public

Public shaming is never a good idea. If your partner’s words or behavior has frustrated you in any way, wait until you get home and discuss the issue. Don’t air your dirty linen in public, hoping to get your way more easily.

Treat your partner the same way you wish them to treat you! Please, share this!