5 Things You Can Do To Heal Your Broken Heart

So you thought that you’ve found the one, only to have your heart broken after a while. And now you feel betrayed, emotionally exhausted and unable to move on. Here are 5 steps that can help you move forward.

1. Acknowledge your role in the breakup

No matter how angry and frustrated you are feeling right now, you must admit that the end of the relationship cannot be only the fault of your ex. Analyzing and accepting the part that you have played, the mistakes that you’ve made and the personality traits that might have contributed to the unhappy end is surely not easy, but it is necessary.

Changing what needs changing and readjusting your reactions are the steps that can lead to a better relationship in the future.

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2. Accept help from your friends and family

The only thing you probably feel like doing right now is stay in bed, listening to sad songs. But a better idea is to make an effort and go out with your friends or family.

You don’t have to talk about the breakup if you don’t feel ready for it, but at least surround yourself with people who care about you. Dinner, movies or a walk in the park can work wonders for your mood.

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3. Resist the urge to contact your ex

Your ex is out of your life for a reason. You might feel lonely or sad or you might miss him deeply, but contacting him is the worst thing you can do. The problems that caused the relationship to end will still be there in the morning.

When you feel tempted to call him, call a friend instead. And if there’s an administrative or urgent reason for you to call your ex, keep it short and efficient and don’t use these reasons as an excuse!

4. Pamper yourself

Sometimes the best response to deep problems are shallow solutions. Take a long bath, book a massage or go shopping. This won’t solve much, but it will make you feel better for a while.

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5. Move on at your own pace

One of the worst thing that you can do is to pressure yourself to heal faster than you can actually do. You’re entitled to take as much time as you need.

You wouldn’t feel pressured to recover faster after a surgical intervention, why should you feel ashamed about your slow emotional recovery?

Stay strong and move on! Please share this!