5 Unusual Puzzles That Will Test Your Brain Power

These tests are great for your brain. They sharpen your mind and boost brain power. That’s why is always a good idea to do this kind of puzzles every now and then.

Many of these brain teasers are intended for school children. If they can do it, you can do it too! Good luck!

1. Try to draw this envelope without lifting your hand or retracing other lines. Click on the post to see the answer!

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2. Can you count the 3s?

Start counting! Apparently, web users took this task very literally, stating that the single one is actually in the question. The correct answer is anywhere between 10 and 21 threes, according to Facebook users. We counted 20 of them.

3. What’s not right?

This one is pretty easy. You can now understand what kind of tricks your brain is playing on you. The Answer? There’s an extra “the”!

4. How many squares do you see?

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Watch it carefully and click on the picture to find out the answer.

5. Think fast on this one!

Find out the answer by clicking the photo. Though it’s pretty darn easy, just so you know.

How many of these did you get right? Test your friends also, share this post!