5 Ways To Get Someone to Love You Forever

In a relationship, there’s no guarantee that your partner will stick around forever, no matter how madly in love you are. Conflict may arise and one of you could end up distancing themselves. The truth is, you never know. But, looking at the bright side, we realize there are some things we could do to ensure prosperity and longevity in our relationship. We’re not saying it’s easy, but then again, nothing really worth having is easy to attain, right? With a bit of effort and maybe compromise, we can help us live happily ever after. Here are 5 ways to get someone to love you forever!

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1. Love yourself.

It’s the golden rule and it makes perfect sense. You need to show you respect and value yourself first. This is how you can attract the people you want in your life and also keep them. A boosted self-esteem will just show your partner you care for yourself and your principles and want to stay true to who you are.

2. Listen to your partner.

Really listen to what your partner has to say. Ask them about their day and listen carefully. And if they’ve had a rough day, encourage them to leave it behind.

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3. Always show appreciation and respect.

Showing respect to the one you love will make them be around for a long time. Everybody is looking for respect and they want to receive it from the people they love the most.

4. Don’t take them for granted.

This is one of the worst things you could do to your loved one. Treat them as if you are about to lose them any moment and you’ll see how you’ll gain their affection even more.

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5. Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability is the place where we connect with other human beings. Showing your partner you’re not afraid to show your emotions will enable them to open themselves more.

Love is forever if you cherish it enough! Share this with your friends who are in love! They will thank you!