6 Most Common Traits Of A Cheater

Everyone can cheat, but not everyone is a cheater. Here are 6 personality traits that signal a cheater.

1. Lack of respect

It might seem obvious, but it needs to be said: cheaters don’t respect their partner. They are only concerned with their own satisfaction, no matter how their actions affect others.

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2. Emotionally superficial

People who cheat usually don’t have emotional depth. They see relationships as mainly entertaining and don’t create meaningful connections.

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3. Narcissism

Cheater usually have narcissistic tendencies. They see themselves as better than everyone else and therefore more entitled to take whatever they want.

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4. Insecurity

Cheaters need constant validation and their affairs are usually how they achieve it. Their confidence is only a pretense.

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5. Jealousy

As a preemptive strike, cheaters will often manifest their jealousy. They cannot imagine others not having the same behaviors they do.

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6. Manipulative

Because cheating involves a lot of pragmatic issues, they are versed in the art of manipulation. Lying, emotional abuse and playing the victims are only few of their tactics.

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