6 Signs You Have A Strong Personality That Might Intimidate Some People

What makes up a really strong personality? Whatever it is, average people will always feel intimidated by someone who exudes strength and confidence. These people are forces of nature and particularly genuine. In other words, they know how to keep it real no matter what.

In a world that feeds off fear and insecurity, it makes sense that society does not treasure these individuals at their true value. The truth is we could learn a lot from those around us who radiate assertiveness and beam with positive energy.

Here are 6 signs you are one of those gems who often intimidates others with your unique vibe:

1. You don’t crave attention

Craving for attention is for people starving for an ego boost at any cost and for those with a fragile self-esteem. Those who truly believe in themselves and have a clear set of goals won’t fall for the little distractions.

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This is because you are confident enough to not feel the need for adoration or to be in the spotlight. Oftentimes, the quiet, solitary people are the strongest and know their self-worth.

2. You don’t let everyone into your life

You are well aware that people can be fake, toxic or inconsistent so you are careful with those you allow in your life. When it comes to relationships of any kind, quality means everything to you. That’s why you are incredibly selective and never lower your standards.

3. You are repelled by ignorance and insensitivity

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There is enough stupidity and misinformation out there to put up with. It’s especially harder for strong, rational and well-informed people as they will be the first to notice what’s wrong with the picture. But because they are in tune with themselves, they will also recognize the great power that lies in sensitivity.

4. You don’t make or put up with other people’s excuses

When you want to accomplish something, you don’t allow yourself any excuses. You are incredibly focused on the task at hand, but always with the larger picture in mind.

5. You hate small talk

You would much rather spend hours on end all alone than participating in irrelevant and useless chit chat. Because you are so focused on growth and deep conversations, you will keep yourself away from people who can’t offer this.

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6. You don’t need anyone’s approval

You are genuine and you don’t care about what others think as long as you are sure on your path to success.

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