6 Surprising Health Benefits of Massage

Having a message after a long day of work may seem like an unnecessary indulgence. But it depends on whom you ask. Some people believe that a good message can have several health benefits.

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Here are some of them:

1. It’s good for your posture

Because most of us have office jobs that stick us in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time, we experience back pains. A message can straighten our spine and release the tension in our muscles.

2. It fights insomnia

Because it’s good for circulation, having a massage will ameliorate your sleep quality.  And a good sleep is essential for the recovery of the mind and of the body.

3. It relieves anxiety

Because a massage slows down your heart rate, stress and anxiety related symptoms decrease in intensity.

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4. It can help fight headaches

People who have regular massages tend to have fewer headaches. Of course, if you have chronic migraines you might need to see a doctor, since they can indicate a more serious problem.

5. It can reduce nausea

When going through invasive treatments, people often complain about nausea. And a good massage can help you alleviate it.

6. It’s a mood booster

There’s nothing better than getting in touch with your body when your mind is going into overdrive. A relaxed body can relax the mind.

So go ahead, book that massage! Please share this!