6 Things You Must Know If You Love A Sagittarius


Perhaps the most curious sign in the entire zodiac, Sagittarius loves to travel and always learn new things.

If you want to own their heart, then you should take them on a really nice trip somewhere they never been before. That won’t be easy because they are travelers by nature. And by now, they have been almost everywhere. Another thing you need to know is that their energy will surprise you. Remember, they get bored easily and really enjoy surprises. If you’re OK with that that everything will be fine but be careful not to bore them with mundane conversation or a fixed daily schedule. They really like to be spontaneous and be around spontaneous people. We’re not kidding! They even like to to things like alternating their way to work every other day.

In the love making department, people born in Sagittarius are quite sensual and very sensitive to his partner sexual needs. They really enjoy experiments and they usually like to spruce up things in bed. To the outside world they are the complete master of morals, wisdom and education. But when it comes to love making, they are usually the kinky one with a ton of crazy ideas. As a passionate fire sign, they have a huge appetite for life. The only thing they need is a partner who shares this quality. Being the one who keeps up with endless adventures isn’t an easy task. Take your vitamins and get ready for a rollercoaster, because you’re going to have the thrill of your life with a Sagittarius.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re in love with a Sagittarius:

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