6 Underlying Reasons Why You May Be Struggling With Anxiety

Anxiety is a serious mental disorder that can wreak havoc on our health, especially if left untreated. Although research about its potential causes and treatment is still under way, we have come to discover quite a few things about this illness.

Learning more about anxiety and what triggers it can be a first step in understanding and perhaps soothe its devastating effects. Here are 6 underlying causes of anxiety that may surprise you:

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1. Physical ailments

This may be a symptom of anxiety just as much as it can be a cause. Health conditions such as diabetes, migraines, digestive disorders or heart problems could create anxiety issues over time. There is not a long history of physical sickness being associated with mental illness. But more and more research sheds a light on the strong link between the two.

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2. Lack of purpose and drive

One hidden source of anxiety is our deferred dreams. As children growing up, we feed our souls with the hopes that only youth can sustain. Once we reach adulthood and realize that sometimes external factors can prevent us from reaching our full potential, we start building up regret. These bottled up feelings of regret or frustration will lead to anxiety unless we choose to release them in healthy ways.

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3. Emotional abuse

There are many forms of emotional abuse such as manipulation, control, intimidation, usually committed by people we care about. This type of abuse can also manifest itself into anxiety symptoms. Because emotional manipulation affects the victim on a deeper level, it may cause serious damage. This is why it’s essential that we cater to our emotional needs and identify this issue in its initial phase.

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4. Substance abuse

Abuse of alcohol, drugs or any kind of medication affects many people around the world. As common as it is, it’s a serious threat to our mental health. Oddly enough, it’s what some people already suffering from anxiety or depression resort to. But healing cannot come from any kind of abuse.

5. Being empathetic

Empathy is what helps us be in the world without poking each other’s eyes. Of course it’s desirable to be kind to one another, but there are costs to being an empath. Being compassionate and caring for other people often results in not caring enough for yourself and your emotional and mental health. Empaths are usually more prone to vulnerabilities and also more likely to develop anxiety or depression.

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6. Genetics

One other reason why we may develop anxiety could be because we have a predisposition to it. We can inherit our mom’s blue eyes maybe just as much as we may “inherit” mental illness. So if your parents struggled with some form of mental disorder, chances are you may develop it too.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of causes of anxiety. But these are some of those that are hidden. If you feel you are dealing with any of these issues, don’t hesitate to seek help.

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