7 Everyday Foods You Are Eating the Wrong Way

We often take our eating rituals and rules for granted. But just because our parents or grandparents taught us so doesn’t mean it’s right. Next time you delight yourself with some of these foods, think again. There may be other ways to do it that you have no idea of. It’s not important to just eat plenty of fruits and vegetables if you don’t reap all of their benefits by eating them properly. Here are 7 everyday foods you are eating the wrong way!

1. Bananas

Most of us are used to peeling them from the stem, but what if we try at the opposite end? Surprise! Peeling from the bottom is much easier actually.

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2. Oranges

You may have been struggling so far with small pieces of the outer skin that aren’t so tasty. Next time try to make a vertical slice into the orange and roll it out so that you can enjoy this delicious fruit better.

3. Broccoli

We all know this green veggie is super healthy for us. But if we really want to reap all those benefits, we should avoid frying or boiling it because it loses its nutrients. The best way to eat broccoli is to steam them.

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4. Peas

If you want to stop chasing peas in your plate, try mash the vegetable and then use a fork. That way it will be much easier to manage.

5. Kiwi

The easiest way to consume this yummy refreshing fruit is to cut off each end and then slice the whole thing in medallions.

6. Garlic

Dietitians recommend to let the chopped garlic out for a bit because of the benefits that come from exposure to air.

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7. Apples

These shiny fruits are incredibly healthy for our organisms. In case you weren’t sure, the whole apple can be eaten starting from the bottom, including the seeds! They’re actually good for you. And don’t forget to wash them properly, especially the top and the bottom.

Don’t worry if you weren’t aware of these tips – it’s never too late to start eating these foods properly! Please share to spread the word among food lovers!