7 Psychological Tricks That Will Make You A Mastermind

We all want to improve our lives and become a little better each day. But sometimes the brain prevents us from doing so, sending us signals of anxiety or doubt. We overthink our next step every so often, something that weighs heavily upon the heart and soul and holds us back from the life we deserve. Are you overwhelmed by social interactions? These 7 psychological tricks will help you to overcome your insecurities and will definitely boost your social life.

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1. Cut the phrase “I believe/think” out of your life

If you ban this phrase from your vocabulary, you’ll appear more confident. Saying something implies that you already think it or believe it, so it’s not something that adds any kind of data.

2. Pipe down

When you see someone stalling and not actually answering your question the way you wanted, try to remain silent while making eye contact. The silence makes people feel uncomfortable and thus, they will feel compelled to answer your question.

3. Keep your eye on group dynamics

When people in a group laugh, they usually make eye contact with the people they feel most attached to. We tend to look at the person we are closest to or wish we were.

4. Fake it until you make it

Indeed, research has shown that if you act happy even when you’re not, the good mood will follow. We act the way we feel so if we act as though we are indeed happy, our disposition will change.

5. Trust the animal within

Confidence is the best tool you can own. If you think you’re the best, so will others. You can sell anything with confidence.

6. Follow the ‘golden rule’

That is to say, treat others the way you want to be treated. Furthermore, if we display happiness when bumping into someone and we greet them with a big smile, they will subsequently be more likely to be excited and happy to see us in the future.

7. Reduce anxiety with chewing gum

Eating is how we naturally react to stress or anxiety but we do not want to indulge in emotional eating. So it’s better to chew gum, this way you’ll trick your brain into relaxing without putting on weight.

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