7 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently

Confident people exude a special kind of magnetism. They are not perfect, but their flaws have a certain charm. Here is what confident people do on a daily basis.

1. They are good listeners

Because they don’t need to be the center of attention to feel good about themselves, confident people know when it’s time to shut up and just listen. People trust them and feel comfortable sharing their secrets with them.

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2. They have a curious mind

Confident people have agile minds and they like exploring the world around them. Once they focused on a particular subject, they get totally involved and fascinated by it.

3. They are not competitive

The only ones that confident people compete with is themselves. They are not interested in the games other people play and consider them a waste of their time and energy.

4. They don’t care what other people think about them

Other people’s opinions about them are irrelevant. They only care about living the life they want to live and going to bed with a clean conscience.

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5. They have faith in their abilities

Maybe the most remarkable quality confident people have is that they don’t doubt themselves. They know what they can do, what skills they have and what are their talents and put them to good use.

6. They smile often

Because they are comfortable with themselves, confident people are often in a good mood. That’s why they smile often and genuinely.

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7. They acknowledge their mistakes

Being comfortable with who they are doesn’t mean they see themselves as being perfect. That’s why they have no problem admitting their mistakes, apologizing and moving on.

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