We All Have These 7 Types Of Friends In Our Lives

Good friends are the cornerstone of a good and happy life. But if during our childhood and college years, friendships just happen, after a certain age having new friends becomes more difficult.


1. Your best friend

There are the friends that are like brothers and sisters to you, that you consider to be your chosen family. They know the best and the worst parts of you. If you happen to not see them for years, that first encounter will prove that your emotional ties have not weakened.

2. Your pretty good friend

There are your pretty good friends, whom you might meet once in a while. You like spending time together, you might even have had some soulful conversations with them. But they are not your go to person when something really important happens to you.

3. The acquaintance friend

Then there are those people who are more than acquaintances, but you wouldn’t call them real friends either. Something is always off with them.

4. The self-absorbed friend

You may just have been proposed and discovered that you are pregnant in the same night, but this kind of person will make you talk about his or her irritable bowel syndrome. You might enjoy spending time with them for some reason, but it will take a lot of effort and patience from your part.

5. The friend with whom you can’t be alone

It’s not that you don’t like them or you wouldn’t want to be closer, but somehow you never got to it. You may be part of the same group of friends, but when left alone, you really have trouble starting a meaningful conversation.

6. The friend who wants more

There is always that friend whose true feelings you can guess, but never acknowledge. You might claim innocence, but somehow you enjoy the fact that there’s somebody waiting for you to make up your mind about moving things in another direction. If you know for a fact that this is not going to happen, set them free!

7. The friend with whom you don’t have anything in common anymore

They might have been a very good friend at some point of your life, but as adults, you don’t have much shared experiences or interests. They are the kind of person that asks you to go clubbing when all you can think of is getting some sleep before going to work.

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