8 Secrets You Should Know If You Want to Fall Asleep Faster

In a previous article we talked about the reasons why you can’t fall asleep right away. But there are some people who are lucky enough to fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. Others toss and turn for minutes and maybe hours and then wake up tired.

Poor quality sleep can have major effects on almost every aspect of our lives, from our day-to-day performance to our diets and moods. This is why it’s essential to start relaxing our brains as soon as we close our eyes. Easier said than done, we know. But we gathered here some solutions for you.

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1. Exercise during the day.

We all know by now how healthy exercising is for our bodies and minds. And because it can also help us relieve tension, deal with stress, and reduce anxiety, it’s great for our sleeping habits too.

2. Limit beverages that can interfere with your sleep patterns.

Try to avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine or too much water a few hours before bedtime.

3. Food is also a factor.

It’s best if you have a light dinner as your stomach digests the food slower in the evenings (that’s why big breakfasts are recommended!). But don’t skip dinner – going to bed hungry will not help with falling sleep!

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4. Prepare the bedroom environment.

This includes turning off all the devices such as TV, laptop, smartphone, tablet. The same goes for all bright lights that tell your brain to stay awake. Keep in mind that your bedroom is for sleep, not for entertainment or work.

5. Keep your room at a cool temperature.

Studies show that you can fall asleep faster if your room is a bit chilly. This is why it’s so hard to go to dreamland during summer nights.

6. Try taking a warm shower right before slipping into your PJ’s.

This will help you relax and thus your brain will know it’s bedtime.

7. Try drinking a cup of tea.

This will also help you wind down. Just make sure it’s not black or green tea because they contain caffeine.

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8. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that is loose and cool.

If you prefer, you can also choose to sleep naked. Science tells us there are many health benefits to not wearing anything at all while sleeping.

These tips will make you fall asleep with no problems! Don’t forget to share this to spread these sleeping secrets with your friends!