According To Astrology, August Will Finally Bring Great Energy And Warmth Into Our Lives

The month of July has been rather intense and emotional for most people and therefore at a planetary level. Maybe you’ve felt some tension in the air yourself. Well, stars tell us things are about to change for us as we’ll experience a positive shift.

After the bad energy of 2016, when a lower mood at a global level was almost the standard, this August will bring something fresh, something much needed.

There’s no denial we need things and people in our lives that will uplift us. In terms of inspiration, activism, creativity and ideas, August will be king (or queen). Eclipses in Leo and Aquarius will happen and these two signs are all about creation, art, and a good life as a whole.

People will be able to bring their empathy and goodwill to the forefront and this will attract even more positive energy. The beginning of the month will seem peaceful and uneventful, but also a lot more relaxed than the last few months. If you are disturbed about something right now, this will most likely find a resolution in August and will be alleviated.

We’ll witness a special moment on August 21st, when a New Moon eclipse will occur. This period will spark new ideas and inspire people, particularly artists and activists.

All things considered, during the month of August and hopefully onward we’ll be able to enjoy the positive energy we’ve been longing for so long now. Please share this!