This Is Why You Should Always Respect The Girl Code

The girl code must never ever be broken, under no circumstances. Female friendship is powerful and has its own set of rules, some of which must be followed, like the fact that you should not date your friend’s exes. None of them. Even if it’s her high-school sweetheart and you’re now in your 30’s, do not cross into the land of disrespect.

If you have a crush on your friend’s ex, you need to take a few steps back and ponder on how it may endanger your friendship. Put yourself in your pal’s shoes, imagine how that would feel like. You would experience the feeling of misery, no doubt about it.

Here is why you should always respect the girl code and never date any of her exes:

1. You harm the friendship

First of all, say goodbye to a friendship that is never going to be the same. It will always be tainted. Because every time your friend remembers that you have betrayed him by dating his ex, he will be left with the feeling of emptiness in his stomach. He knows that a good friend was once intimate with his ex, which is not a pleasant picture.

2. It won’t last

Here’s the naked truth, it won’t last. You may think you are in love, but those butterflies in the stomach are called physical attraction and pure excitement for new beginnings. After a while, as the sparkle fades away, there will only be a fragile relationship. Sooner or later, you will both realize you have made a mistake.

3. Recovery takes time

Though your friendship has been put to the test, it may still stand. Only if you acknowledge that feelings have been hurt and you should have never violated the code. Your friend may forget and forgive, but the process takes time and caution on his part. Things will be different between you.

Stay true to the girl code! Make sure you share this with all your girlfriends!