The Amazing Reason Why Walking Is So Good For You

We’ve always known that our bodies need to move and exercise to stay fit and healthy. And these activities have long-term effects not only on our physical health, but our mental health too. There are more and more studies out there which reveal the powerful connection between these two.

And if we knew walking was good for boosting our mood and relaxing us, now we have more reasons to believe it’s absolutely something we should do more often.

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New studies indicate that walking is even better for our health than we previously thought.

It looks like when our foot hits the ground, it sends a pressure wave through our bodies which increases blood flow to the brain. Awesome, right?

Researchers were very surprised that it took them so long to finally measure these effects on blood flow. Apparently, there is a certain rhythm between ambulating and bran blood flow.

Although this seems quite obvious, walking produces much lighter foot impacts than running. But the effects on blood flow to the brain were still significant.

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The art of walking has been with us for a very long time now, since the beginning of times, more specifically. Our ancestors understood well the benefits of walking over their health. But the way we look at this activity has changed throughout history a lot.

We take this simple task for granted now and we’ve generally become a more sedentary species, with the advancement of technology.

Maybe it’s time to go back to our roots a bit and recapture the power walking has over our health and souls.

No wonder we are advised to take small breaks when at work every hour or so. So stand up and move around a bit and you’ll feel much better.

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Also, go ahead and take some long walks in the park when the weather allows it. Restore what was lost and think that you’re doing a great amount of good to your mind as well as body.

What do you think? Should you go out for walks more?