10+ Biggest Problems In The World Today, According To Our Community

Last week, we addressed our community this question:

We were soon flooded with answers from our users, ranging from US politics, global warming and the global economy to issues such as social media and addiction to smartphones, lack of understanding and compassion and many others.

Because our community was so vocal about the things that matter to them, we thought we give back and make their voices heard even more. You may check their replies below and join the conversation!


“Plastic, entitlement, lack of love, lack of compassion, lack of understanding, lack of respect, too much whining, not enough fixing, too many people playing the victim for attention, lack of transparency. There’s a lot.”


“Republicans, Trump…and corporate greed.”


“If there were no religion, the world would be a marvelous place. Then every one will be human and show humanity. Now all are preparing to be saints to go to heaven by destroying others.”


“Too much hate in the world and not enough love.”


“I feel the that the biggest problems among us humans is the lack of concern for each other. We reached a point where parents don’t even care for their children so how do I expect them to care about the things around them.”


“FEAR… because of it we created hate, sexism, racism, judgement, greed, selfishness, bigotry, violence, lies, ignorance of self /others, lack of empathy, wars, lack of morals, self-righteous beliefs, fear of love and anyone that is not like you. All emotions come down to either. Fear or love.”


“Too much hate. People are not listening to each other and think that if one does not agree with them, they are evil.”


“Parents. Kids having kids. Parents wanting to be friends with their kids and not teaching them right from wrong and how to always take the easy way out. And most of all not teaching them how to defend themselves.”




“Religion..!! Nothing causes more problems for more countries or the people..!! If every country would stop judging other countries and the people of those countries for their religious beliefs we wouldn’t have nearly as many problems in the world. Believe what you want and leave everyone else alone we would do much better.”


“In my opinion, I believe it’s humans. While we have so many great people living on this planet, the not so great ones are destroying it. The not so great ones destroy everything they touch. Lies, deceit, manipulation, negativity, and so on. They don’t care about others but themselves. The world is in full chaos because of them.”


“Nuclear threats, immigration, poverty, homelessness.”


Knowledge, humanity and respect…3 words that can change the society. Knowledge make us aware of our environment. Humanity means compassion, benevolence it can prevent cyberbullying not only on social media.
Respect everyone; they have the right to be treated equally.”




“The biggest problem is not seeing any logic answer yet. Pay your bills to the ones destroying this planet, to the ones invading other countries with a savage excuse, to the ones who created cancer for financial benefits. The problem? NO REVOLUTION YET.”




“Homelessness and being inhumane towards each other. It does not cost a thing to treat someone with the respect they deserve. Stay humble.”


“Modern parenting. School regulations, and bad movies, books, etc. We are what we see, hear, and read.”


“All boils down to greed.”


“The current administration of the United States.”


“Hatred, bigotry, poverty, and so much more!!!”


“Religion. It causes more hate, violence, war & genocide then anything man has known. You don’t need one to find what is faith. But most are too hardheaded to get religion is a tool, not faith itself! You don’t half to like religion, just agree to disagree. The world would be so much more peaceful if we all did. ”


“People below 18 are addicted to smartphones.”




“Capitalism that creates wars and inequality.”


“Global warming. It has an effect on everything.”


“I don’t know about the world, but we have a president that only wants to divide this country, destroy the very foundation on which it was built.”


“Too much information. Little knowledge.”


“People with a sense of entitlement. The war against our own human race instead of embracing our differences. The hate we give each other instead of compassion and respect. Lies and cruelty for personal gain. All the taking we have done to our planet and not enough giving. I think we all need a reset to see the bigger picture.”


“MONEY. A big problem which has a solution in itself. Many have far too little if any at all. The list of problems under this heading goes on and on. Yet the nuclear argument may be even greater.”


“I think biggest problem is choosing one biggest problem in mountains of problems.”


“We got the money to build a fucking wall and space force but can’t seem to house, cloth, and feed the homeless…”


“Separation, racism, greed, lack of morals and respect.”


“As always…politics and religion.”



What do you think?