10 Reasons You Should Be Grateful For Your Dog


There is no pet as lovable and wonderful as a puppy. Of course, cat people may disagree, but the truth is whoever has a dog around the house is blessed. The amount of joy we feel when we get home from work and they jump all over us cannot compare with anything really.

If you own a dog or several, you know what I’m talking about. Here are the 10 reasons why we should always be grateful for our amazing puppies:

1. There’s no limit when it comes to their loyalty

2. They can always put you in a good mood, even when you’re down

3. They invade your space in the cutest way possible

4. They miss you a lot when you’re away

5. They greet you in the most loving way possible

6. You always have someone to spend quality time with

7. They are always there to comfort you

8. … to cuddle with you on the couch

9. … and to protect you

10. Their love for you is unconditional

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