Have You Ever Wanted To Record Your Dreams? Now You Can

It sounds like a ‘Black Mirror’ episode but an actual machine that reads your dreams has been invented by the Japanese. Not long from now, ordinary people may never forget again what they dreamed about.

Scientists from Japan have invented an MRI machine that can record your dreams while asleep and then reconstruct them for you to watch while awake. The researchers measured the brain activity while sleeping and collected all the data. After this process and with the help of an algorithm, they managed to rebuild a dream.

But how exactly did they succeed in making this possible?

Well, it seems like whenever we visualize something, the brain generates a pattern that can subsequently be correlated to what is being visualized. So, every time you imagine, for example a table, your brain sets off a pattern that occurs when you picture a table in your head. After that, an algorithm is used to put together the data from the brain scan to the fitted correlated images. Thus, the dream has been reconstructed.

The research is in the first stage of testing, but the revolutionizing technology will improve as the algorithm learns more.

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