To Everyone Who’s Barely Holding It Together

Each of us has had one of those days when they felt like the tiniest of the Matryoshka dolls. When you couldn’t keep your head up but felt strained and hunchbacked with worries. The tension and anxiety feel overwhelming and you can’t seem to find yourself ashore. Just drowning, incessantly.

When you are barely holding it together, every day becomes a struggle and an insurmountable challenge. You are at war with yourself, your tormented mind. And whenever you think you’ve managed to patch yourself up together, you find there are cracks again.

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Maybe you are dealing with a difficult parent, maybe you are struggling as a parent yourself; or perhaps you’ve just lost someone dear and don’t know how to start picking up the pieces. Maybe you don’t find your job fulfilling any longer or maybe it’s a series of microaggressions that show you how rampant racism and sexism still are in our society.

Maybe you feel very vulnerable and misunderstood, maybe some of your friends have let you down.

Whatever it is, you are no stranger from grief.

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But here is what you may be missing out on. Despite all these things, you wake up in the morning and you make an effort. No matter how hard it is, you try to go about your day. You manage to pick up the kids, the pieces, to take care of yourself, to be on time at work and smile to your co-workers as if you didn’t come crashing down on the inside.

To all those people, I say: you’ve come very far. You may not have set foot on the Moon, but you are making an effort, for you, for your loved ones. For these people, even waking up and going to work is an accomplishment. And you are doing it right.

Be confident that things will not stay like this forever. You have the strength in you to rebuild yourself, with lots of patience, care and love. Even when it is difficult, you find the will to carry on with your projects and life as it is, and for that, you deserve recognition and understanding.

You’re doing your best. When you try your hardest, when you try day after day.

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When you don’t know where to turn to, when you’re falling apart. When someone you love leaves. When you don’t get in at the University of your dreams. When people take you for granted. When you reach out. When you’ve decided you want to be your friend, not your enemy.

You are doing your best and this is all that counts. The conditions will change and you will be able to feel light and loved again. With all the hullabaloo in the world, you must know that you matter.