Intelligent People Have These 4 Traits In Common


The question “What are the common traits of intelligent people?” is very popular these days. Because many people are interested in the markers of high intelligence and cleverness, scientists have conducted various studies. So what do smart people do? Do they behave in a certain way? Here are 4 things that bright people have in common:

They Are Messy

Highly intelligent people tend to be all over the place. Whether it’s their brain or their external environment, they are more likely to be messy. This is also a sign of higher creative impulses. Studies showed that a messier desk often reflects a more intelligent and creative mind. Not only that, but this kind of environment further boosts creativity. So next time you find yourself surrounded by clutter, think twice. Maybe it’s a good sign.

They Talk to Themselves

Very intelligent people usually prefer their own company. Not because they hate people, but because they use the time spent alone to better themselves. When in their own company, they also tend to talk to themselves. The reason they do this is because they find it easier to come up with better solutions to the problems they’re up against. Talking while alone helps them focus better on the issue at hand and come up with a clear plan more quickly.

They Tend to Swear More

According to a recent study conducted in New York, intelligent people curse more. Researchers found that a large vocabulary of swear words indicate a higher rhetorical skill. Also, it seems that curse word fluency is connected to openness. No wonder smarter people tend to also be more open-minded.

They Stay Up Late at Night

Highly intelligent people are usually night owls. This means they tend to go to bed later and probably wake up later too. Studies agree that smarter people are more nocturnal but this doesn’t mean that early birds or morning larks aren’t clever. They probably get more things done during morning hours. Being the only one awake very late at night can feel pretty lonely, but it’s also the time to let your creative juices flow. Inspiration may come more easily when everything is quiet and everyone asleep.

What do you think about these traits? Watch the video below.

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