If You’re A Parent You’ve Seen It Before :) This Is So Gross, But So Funny!


Big part of the joy of being a parent is watching your sweet baby grow. And any parent would tell you that they grow up so fast! I’ve personally never heard of a parent complaining their child grows up too slowly.

There is considerable happiness and glee to watch your baby boy or baby girl develop into a healthy teenager and then adult. The process is actually rather bittersweet for us parents. Parents know all too well that once our child is all grown up and settled at their own home with their own family, we crave to have them close again. We crave those times when we’d play with them and when they made us laugh with their mischief. We even miss the times when we used to wake up at night to take our crying baby into our arms. Oh, what fun times!

But we cannot reverse time. The only way to hold on as long as possible to your kid’s youth is to be aware of every moment they offer you now, while they’re still young. While they’re still little and naughty and playful. I promise you that you will feel that time passes differently. And later on you won’t regret that you didn’t enjoy the times when your baby was turning into an adult right before your eyes.

Remember the fun times when…?

Now, enough with the nostalgia. Our babies are here and they’re doing what they do best: being babies. Remember the fun times when your baby happened to pee while you were in the middle of taking some photos? Was that memorable? Of course it was. And you even have a photo to prove it! Infants are just spontaneous like that. They will throw up or pee not when you expect it the least, but when you want them happy and smiling for a photo. But can we blame them? Of course not. What goes in must come out. When it comes to babies, this phrase takes a whole different meaning. They are so unpredictable. But also so much fun.

And we have footage of just how unpredictable babies can be. They can’t help themselves, not even when you’ve carefully planned a clean and pee-free photo shoot. Oh, parenting is hard. But this is too cute to not make you smile. I’m sure you’re too familiar with this if you’re a parent.

Watch our video to see some epic baby photo shoot fails.

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