How Do You Know Someone Born Under The Sign Of Cancer Loves You?

People born under the sign of Cancer are such sensitive people that it’s hard for them to fall in love head over heels. But when they do, they become marvelous lovers and faithful partners.

In case you can’t tell what a Cancer’s feelings are toward you, here’s some ways they show affection:

1. They reveal their soft side

They don’t open up unless they truly feel love, that’s when someone born under Cancer unlocks their soul.

2. They turn green

If they’re facing a deep connection with someone, they can get pretty jealous.

3. They will be there for you

No matter what, people born under the sign of Cancer pitch in to help you with chores and also kisses you good night.

4. They bring you to their parents’ house

Family is everything to them so meeting their parents is a true sign of love.

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