6 Reasons Women Leave The Men They Love


Sometimes women leave men they love not because there is nothing left, but because there are some serious other reasons to let go. There are women that even though they love their partner to the moon and back, they feel they have to leave them.

We all know relationships are hard to maintain. But however difficult they may turn out to be, we still crave that human connection. Everyone who’s been in love knows that the struggle is worth it. It’s just that sometimes, a chapter in our lives must end. No matter how much you want him to stay in your life, you feel that something is wrong and so you have to embrace change. Here are 6 reasons why women leave men they love:

They feel alone

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When you’re with someone and you start feeling lonely, then you know there’s a glitch in the system. Something went wrong but you can’t seem to put your finger on it. So you decide you can’t stay in a relationship with someone who is not emotionally present, no matter how much you love them. You need someone who is willing to invest in this relationship equally, no exceptions. If they don’t make you feel you matter, it’s time to go.

They are not being acknowledged

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When she feels she is taken for granted, she will do everything in her power to move on and be with someone who acknowledges her. She wants deep communication, she wants to know you understand her, and what a better way to show her that then paying attention to details? She needs care and support, as well as respect. Never forget that or she might start looking someplace else.

Their partner is not physically there

They can feel when their partner would rather spend time somewhere else or in the company of other people. It’s important that you are present whenever you are around her but also spend time with her. They will appreciate it a lot and let you know they do. But it’s not enough to be in the same room with her if you don’t reach out. You also need to connect with her, emotionally and intellectually.

Their partner is too predictable

Routine is not for everyone. As soon as she feels trapped in the mundane, she will try to bring the excitement back into the relationship. And if everything else fails, she might start looking for novelty some place else.

There is a significant life change

Many couples are not the same after a serious illness or the loss of a child. Whatever the circumstances, they might not make it if the couple isn’t strong enough.

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Of course there are many others thing that might not work out in a relationship. They are as diverse as we individuals are and that’s a beautiful thing.