The One Thing We Can Do To Prevent A Broken Heart

There are many of us who have gone through a series of failed relationships, but who have not lost hope. Some of those endings took us by surprise but we saw others coming. Sometimes, we could just tell that the relationship was wrong for us, maybe even toxic.

And yet, we chose to stay, only to witness its eventual downfall. And what did we get? Heartache. Disappointment. All the bad stuff.

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So how can we prevent our hearts from getting broken again? And again? Is it something we specifically do?

The truth is that we don’t always attract people who are wrong for us so please don’t blame yourself. Sometimes, things go so well with someone in the beginning and the love is great but something happens along the way. We lose the connection. Or we realize we had not paid enough attention to the red flags.

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The one thing we can do to prevent the disaster and chaos of a failed relationship is to turn within and listen to ourselves. When we’re with someone who’s right for us, we just feel it’s right. We know it with every fiber of our beings and we feel it too, in our guts.

You’ve surely been with someone and felt something deep inside was telling you to stay away from them because they’re not for you. And yet, under these circumstances, we choose to get involved. We choose to quiet down the voice telling us they’re the wrong person for us, telling us we’ll only get our hearts broken again.

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Or maybe we think things will work out at some point, we think we can change them or fix what’s wrong and make them right for us, make them the one.

Choosing the right partner for you starts with paying more attention to your intuition! So follow your gut and please share this!