Why Are People With Green Eyes The Best


Green eyes are extremely unique and beautiful! Only 2% of the world population has green eyes. So they’re also amazingly rare!

Do you know people with green eyes? Well, they say that eyes are little windows to souls. We don’t have a scientific basis for that, but we know that most often, love catches us by surprise when we gaze into someone’s eyes, regardless of their color. We know that eyes are most definite features that shape the way we look.

Also, emotions like anger or lust can be reflected in someone’s eyes. You can try hide your thoughts, but eyes don’t lie. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Some people just seem to smile with their eyes. And the radiance is contagious.

But what about eye color? Does it reveal something about our personality traits? Some researchers and psychologists suggest they do. So what makes green-eyed people unique?

What People with Green Eyes Have in Common

What most people don’t know is that your eye color actually depends on the amount of melanin you possess. A high level of melanin automatically leads to darker skin and darker eye color. The most common eye color is brown followed by blue and then green. Thus, people with green eyes have a light melanin pigmentation. But what actually makes some eyes appear green is the combination between melanin and the Rayleigh scattering, which is the dispersion of light off of air molecules.

Because they are so unique, there are a lot of myths and legends related to green-eyed people. Some say that they live longer or that they have supernatural powers. That probably isn’t true, but we sure know that people with green eyes are extremely attractive, playful and fun to be around.

Here are others personality traits green-eyed people share:

They are mischievous and devious. Some of them may have an inclination towards rebellion or taking risks. They can be fairly attractive, and not just aesthetically. They are usually funny, intelligent, and charming. And if you like the color green, you might just fall in love quicker than you know can say green eyes are cute.

Apparently, they are also passionate, whether it’s about their career or their relationships. They often have a clear set of values. They can be quiet, observant, patient and good listeners. The vibe they send off is usually one of mystery and mysticism. They can also show creativity when needed and are good at employing their imagination. One downside would be that they can get jealous in their relationships.

Watch the video to find out all the reasons why green eyes are the best.

All traits considered, we believe people with green eyes have that je ne sais quoi. If you have green eyes or know someone who does, spread the word and please share this!