People Who Wear Crazy Socks Are More Brilliant And Successful


According to some recent studies, wearing crazy colorful socks says something about you. It’s not exactly mathematics that establishes a connection between the color of your socks and your personality traits. But we can draw a few conclusions from analyzing how a person dresses or judging by their hair or socks color. So here’s what people who wear crazy socks have in common:

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Research revealed that people who wear uniquely colored socks are perceived as more brilliant and successful. The truth is only a few people choose to wear colorful crazy socks and a new study has found that those few people are indeed very special. If you’re one of them, people around you tend to see you as more brilliant and successful. But what’s the explanation behind that?

Wearing crazy socks simply means you’re not trying to fit in.

Often people who wear them are somewhere above the crowd in terms of intelligence and creativity. It really doesn’t matter what colors you choose – if it’s magenta, turquoise, or ocre – as long as you get to add a patch of color to your outfit. But again, not many choose to wear them, especially at work, and especially those who prefer darker colors for their clothes.

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Wearing awesome colorful socks also shows others you are unique and confident.

And this is exactly how they perceive you. They tell the people around you that you have no problem with standing out or with people admiring your cool fashion choices. Moreover, opting for socks with crazy and unique patterns can also prove your outstanding sense of fashion!

If you have green highlights in your hair for example, why not match them with your socks? We promise it will look great on you! So don’t miss any chance to express yourself visually and make some new admirers. People will see you as a brave person who’s not afraid to share their excellent fashion preferences with the world.

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So if you love wearing crazy socks, embrace it! People will see you as the intelligent free-spirited individual that you are! Yay for colorful socks!

Watch our video to discover other reasons why people who wear crazy socks are more brilliant!

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