15 Photos Which Reveal Society’s Unrealistic Beauty Standards


The advancement of technology has had a tremendous impact on many aspects of our lives. It has even managed to change the way we look at beauty and beauty standards. With the onset of tools like Photoshop, the social media madness, and the constant selfies, we have redefined standards of beauty. We have become more accustomed to fake and less inclined to appreciate natural beauty.

Hollywood and the media make us believe perfection is real when it comes to how we look. But is it? Does anybody really look perfect? Striving to be perfect at work is one thing. It’s even great when you want to look your best for your lover. But the idea that we can attain the beautiful ideal portrayed by the media is crazy. Being human is all about the tiny imperfections. Imperfections are exactly what makes us unique, and ironically, what makes us beautiful.

Women and Society’s Beauty Standards

It’s very sad that women are almost forced to abide by rules imposed by society’s standards. They are brainwashed by images they see everywhere into thinking that we’re not worth anything if we don’t look like the girl on that poster. We see these giant posters with ads for women products and we can’t help but wishing we looked like a supermodel. The truth is, supermodels and celebrities don’t look like supermodels and celebrities. There is serious Photoshop work behind these images and posters to help the products sell faster and better. Advertisers have successfully used women for quite some time now.

Our choice as women is to look beyond what the media tells us about ourselves and start looking within. We should definitely pay more attention to our likes and dislikes, to what makes us feel good and look great. Although it’s easy to buy into the idea that we could be more beautiful if we had this or that product, we can do better than that.

Always remember that you are beautiful the way you are. It’s ok if you choose to wear make-up because you think it’s an art form and you’re into arts. It’s also alright if you like experiencing with dying your hair crazy colors because you like fresh colors. But if you do it to please someone else but yourself, know that it’s not worth it. Your natural beauty is all you need.

Watch the video below to see just how unrealistic society’s beauty standards are – you’ll be surprised!

Nobody’s perfect. Not even Hollywood stars. Please share this to stop the promotion of unrealistic beauty standards.