See Why It’s Better For Your Health To Let Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed


Have you ever wondered if it’s ok for your dog to sleep on the same bed as you? People have thought for years that sleeping with your dog on the same bed is dirty or unhealthy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Apparently, you can and you should sleep with your beloved puppy by your side! Dogs are not only fun to play with and adorable to watch, but they also provide us with a lot of health benefits.

Scientific studies have revealed that it’s actually good for you to share your bed with your canine best friend. So next time you want to cuddle with your fluffy friend at the end of the day, go ahead!

Dogs are super comfy due to their warm body and rhythmic breathing.

When you want to get cozy and prepare for a good night’s sleep, make sure you invite your pet along. You won’t regret it.

They are a great antidote against insomnia.

If you’re having trouble sleeping or falling sleep, the presence of your caring puppy might be all you need. Because they make you feel safe and calm, you’ll find it easier to put aside problems that won’t let you sleep.

Snuggling with them relieves stress and anxiety.

When you’re stressed out or worried about something, cuddling with your dog in bed at night can prove to be very therapeutic. Studies show that it’s in the dog’s nature to be warm and attentive, which is what you need to sooth your anxiety and help you forget about your concerns.

They help fight depression.

Researchers also proved that if you’re dealing with depression, getting a dog could help tremendously. Sleeping with your beloved puppy on your bed only adds up to the potential positive impact they may have on your life.

They make you feel safe.

Knowing that there’s someone else in bed watching over you can feel very reassuring. You can always count on your dog for barking at strangers or intruders and keeping them at bay.

They provide warmth on chilly nights.

If you want an extra radiator in your bedroom on winter nights, inviting your pet in bed can give you just that. Why not reap the benefits of natural warmth while providing your dog with comfort as well?

It’s good for them too!

One of the greatest things about sleeping with your fluffy pet on the bed is that they love it as well. They care a lot about spending more time with you so why not snuggling at the end of the day? They will thank you – non-verbally, of course.

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