If You Could Photograph Your Dreams, They Would Look Something Like These Images

Hüseyin Şahin is a visual artist from Istanbul, Turkey who brings dreams to reality with his photography. His absolutely unique style has brought him more than 55 thousand followers on his Instagram account. You can check more of his outrageous and fascinating work at art.side.

When it comes to his art, he manages to create surreal and amazingly beautiful landscapes that could be your wildest dreams – or worst nightmares! These photos really are stunning – just take a look.

1. Does this look like a Dali painting or what?

2. Art at its best!

3. Welcome to planet beach where mesmerizing things happen!


4. Look at this crazy one. Talent is talent, there’s no arguing about it.

All the roads go to you. #Ps_CoolTones #TheWeekOnInstagram

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5. This looks straight out of a science-fiction movie!

6. If only our laptops came with grass and all the fresh green spaces… Or maybe not.

Did you enjoy these? Which one’s your favorite?

Check more of his art on Instagram.

Photo preview credit: Instagram.