The Strange Case Of Being Attracted To A Total Stranger

The sudden attraction that you feel towards somebody you’ve just met is a mysterious force. It’s like your mind is being hijacked by your body. Or being thunderstruck by a merciless god.


Physical attraction is incredibly addictive. The way our bodies respond to this type of attraction is enough to keep us on the edge. It can make us do crazy things. Things we wouldn’t even consider when sober. But then again, this kind of chemistry has a way of making us forget every single common sense thought we ever had.  This is how yo find yourself  being pulled towards another person like a magnet. It’s seductive and sensual and most of the times we can’t even explain it.

What’s with all the fireworks? Why is seeing this person releasing a thousand butterflies in our stomach? Why is touching somebody’s skin making us dizzy with pleasure? And why does it happen with some people and not with others?

Of course, it comes down to preferences and taste, but is it just that? It’s definitely not rational behavior, since we can feel attracted to people whose name we don’t even know. It’s instinct. It’s our body talking non-sense. Or poetry.

However, research does tell us that being on the same page with someone intellectually can significantly increase the chemistry. But when we meet a stranger, our bodies usually know that we’re drawn to them before our brains do. And then we wake up fantasizing about them and don’t know what hit us. Scientists say that attraction is very much connected to scent. Apparently, we are still animals on the prowl. From time to time, we enjoy letting our mind rest and following our body.

The truth is we can’t always explain this kind of attraction. A perfect stranger can make us or ruin us. We might find ourselves a glance away from falling into the most pleasurable trap that is: lust at first sight.  Maybe it’s not something to build on, but it’s certainly something that can be enjoyed while it lasts.

Let your body speak from time to time. It might lead to something truly exciting ! Please share this!