World’s Oldest Cat Is 31 And Still Rockin’


Whether you’re a cat or a dog person, you should definitely see this. Meet Nutmeg, the cat who broke the record and became the world’s oldest cat!

No doubt this is one very special cat. His name is Nutmeg and in 2016 he celebrated his 31st birthday. His owners found him in their garden and welcomed him in their home in 1990, when he was already 5 years old. Last year in October they celebrated together with the whole family Nutmeg’s 31st birthday. Read on to find out more about the world’s oldest cat!

In human years, Nutmeg is 141 years old. Yes, you read that correctly. He even suffered a stroke last year but he is still going strong and rockin’! What’s the secret? How many lives does this cat have after all? Thanks to veterinary Laura Gillis at the main veterinary hospital in Newcastle who restored his health, the cat is now alive and kicking.

Unofficially, he is the world’s oldest cat. To make it official, the Finlays need to apply for the Guinness World Record, but they need proper documentation to do so. That is a tricky part because they have to prove Nutmeg’s age. Easier said than done. We wish them good luck!

So how does a regular cat become a star on social media overnight? Maybe because he’s a very unusual and adorable cat. Liz and Ian Finlay, his owners, say that he’s very spoiled but that he’s a pleasure to have around.  They surely thank the Universe for whatever force brought Nutmeg into their garden that day and into their lives. Apparently, he rules the house. The Finlays usually wake up at 5 am so they can feed their beloved pet. People resonated with his and the Finlays’ story and wanted to wish him a warmest ‘happy birthday’.

Yesterday, an ordinary cat, today an internet buzz. Nutmeg seems to be taking the news of him being the world’s oldest cat quite well. We don’t know how comfortable he is with having the spotlight on him, but we hope he enjoys it. His owners said that they couldn’t be prouder of their wonderful cat.

Happy birthday Nutmeg! Check out the video below.

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